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MIL A12560 Plates

Mil–A 12560 metal plate is a navy spec armor steel plate that is accredited by the fabric generation laboratory, branch of the military, for use in combat cars and for ammunition checking out. Thickness tiers from 3/sixteen" thru three" are to be used in combat automobiles and ¼" via 12" are to be used in evidence popularity checking out of armor defeating ammunition.

Usually this grade of armor is used inside the safety of landmines or explosive structures. It absorbs shock thoroughly and consequently facilitates to preserve shrapnel to a minimal. Each plate is tested to a fraction simulated projectile trendy, which dictates the extent of safety for which the plate will in the long run be used.

In large part referred to as rolled homogenous armor, this variety is available in four exclusive classes. Common BHN readings on this cloth are 377 to 415 with other effect and bend checks being executed as well.

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