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S500MC Steel Plate

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What is S500MC Steel Plate?

S500MC steel plate is a structural grade designed with a unique chemical composition that includes carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulphur, aluminium, niobium, vanadium, and titanium. This high-strength low alloy (HSLA) module is known for its exceptional welding and forming properties.

One of the key advantages of S500MC material is its ability to carry heavy weight while maintaining excellent mechanical properties, particularly yield strength. This versatile material also exhibits superior corrosion resistance across various stress-induced systems. Its strength and durability make it suitable for use in structural beams, frames, and cold-rolled sections of steel.

Champak Industries is a renowned company that specializes in the manufacturing and supply of S500MC High Tensile Steel Plates for use in a wide range of industrial applications. Our team of experts in product and quality selection carefully chooses S500MC as the raw material for our high tensile steel plates. We conduct quality checks to ensure that the material meets our stringent requirements before proceeding with production.

During the production of our steel plates, we use a high-strength hot-rolled steel structure and perform various procedures to make the material suitable for cold forming. We select the S500MC steel grade for its exceptional load-bearing capacity and stability, making it suitable for use in extreme and varied climate conditions. Our high tensile steel plates find applications in structural beams, steel frames, and cold-rolled applications, among other industrial activities.

S500MC Steel Plate Supplier - Structural grade design with a unique chemical composition to carry heavy weight while maintaining excellent mechanical properties in engineering applications. Champak Industries, Mumbai, India

Features of S500MC Steel Plates

  • S500MC steel plates exhibit high tensile strength, making them suitable for use in applications that require materials with exceptional load-bearing capacity.
  • The S500MC steel plates are designed for cold-forming applications, and they possess excellent formability characteristics, allowing them to be shaped into complex structures with ease.
  • These plates also exhibit excellent weldability, making them suitable for use in various welding procedures without compromising their mechanical properties.
  • S500MC steel plates have enhanced resistance to corrosion across different stress-induced systems, making them ideal for use in challenging environmental conditions.
  • The S500MC steel plates find applications in a wide range of industries, including structural beams, steel frames, and cold-rolled applications, among others.
  • The S500MC steel grade is known for its additional stability, which makes it capable of working in extreme and varied climate conditions without compromising on its load-bearing capacity.

Specifications of S500MC Steel Plates

Product High Tensile Steel S500MC Plates
Standard ASTM, ASME and API
Thickness Range 2.4mm-16mm
Width Range 900mm-1850mm
Length 2000mm to 12000mm
Manufacturing Process Hot-Rolled (HR)
Hardness Options Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard, etc.
Plate Thickness Range 0.5mm – 200mm

S500MC Material Properties

The material grade known as S500MC possesses excellent strength and tolerance. This micro-alloyed steel plate is designed with superior mechanical properties, including a yield strength of 500 MPa or higher. EN 10149-2 Grade S500MC Plates exhibit a tensile strength between 550 MPa to 700 MPa and can be elongated by up to 12% across the system.

The high yield strength of the DIN 1.0984 plate provides superior strength, making it suitable for carrying loads of different weights, allowing it to be used in various structural applications. The S500MC Hot Rolled High Tensile Sheets are processed at high temperatures until they reach their recrystallization value. This process enables the subsequent modules of the EN 10149-2 S500MC steel plate to exhibit enhanced formability, making them easily welded to other components.

Chemical Composition of S500mc Plate

Grade C max Si max Mn max P max S max AL max Nb max V max Ti max
S500MC 0.12 0.5 1.7 0.025 0.015 0.015 0.09 0.2 0.15

S500mc Plate Mechanical Properties

Grade Yield (MPa) Tensile (MPa) Elongation
< 3mm ≥ 3mm
S500MC ≥ 500MPa 550-700MPa ≥ 12% ≥ 14%

Equivalent Grade of S500MC Plate

S500MC EN 10149-2 Number:1.0984 Comparison of steel grades
SEW092 QStE 500TM
NFA36-231 E490D
UNI8890 FeE490TM
BS1449 -

Types of S500MC Steel Plates in Stock

S500MC Structural Steel Plate Suppliers EN 10149-2 Plates Stockists
Material 1.8974 Plates Exporters EN 10149 Plates Stocks
grade S500MC steel Plates Heavy Steel S500MC Plates Stockholders
S500 MC plate S 500 MC Distributors
S500MC Fine-grain structural steel Plates Dealers High Tensile S500MC Plates
S500MC EN 10149-2 High strength steel plate Stockists PERFORM 500 Plates Stockyard
EN 10149-2 S500 MC high yield Steel plate Inventories EN 10149-2 S500MC High Strength Low Alloy Steel Plate

Price List: High Tensile Steel Plates S500MC

Product Price (US/ INR Metric Ton)
EN 10149-2 S500 MC Heavy Steel Plates FOB Price on request
High Quality S500MC WNR No. 1.8974 Heat Treatment Steel Plate FOB Price on request
ASTM A514 BS1449 75F70 S500MC EN 10149-2 Steel Plate FOB Price on request
S500MC High Yield Strength Cold-Forming Steel Plates FOB Price on request
EN 10149-2 Grade S500MC Fine-Grain Structural Steel Plate Stockyard FOB Price on request
EN 10149-2 Thermomechanically Rolled PERFORM 500 Plates FOB Price on request
S500MC High Strength Low Alloy Steel Plates Stockists FOB Price on request
EN 10149-2 S500MC Structural Steel Stockholders FOB Price on request

Champak Industries also distributes other types of S500MC Steel Plates, including

  • Stockist of EN 10149-2 plates in Maharashtra Mumbai
  • Stockists of S500MC plates with high yield strength
  • Stockyard for Grade S500MC hot-rolled structural steel plates
  • Wholesaler of EN 10149-2 S500MC structural steel plates
  • Supplier of S500MC heavy steel plates and S500MC EN 10149-2 fine-grain structural steel plates
  • Stockyard for S500MC EN 10149-2 fine-grain structural steel plates
  • Suppliers of material No. 1.8974 plates
  • Stockist of PERFORM 500 heavy steel plates, S500 MC plates, and ASTM A514 S500MC EN 10149-2 plates
  • Dealer of BS 75F70 steel grades S500MC plates
  • Distributor of EN10149 S500MC high yield strength steel plates
  • Trader of Strenx 500 MC plates and manufacturer of PERFORM 500 plates
  • Supplier of EN 10149-2 Grade: S500MC thermomechanically rolled plates in Mumbai, India
  • Inventory of S500MC automobile structure steel plates

Applications of S500MC plates in Various Industries

S500MC is a high-strength steel plate that belongs to the micro-alloyed steel group. It has a yield strength of 500 MPa and is used in a variety of applications that require high strength, good weldability, and formability. Here are some common applications of S500MC plates:
  1. Structural and engineering applications: S500MC plates are widely used in the construction of heavy-duty machinery, cranes, bridges, and other structural and engineering applications. The high strength and good formability of S500MC plates make them ideal for these applications.
  2. Automotive industry: S500MC plates are also used in the automotive industry for the manufacturing of safety components such as crash absorbers, seatbelt components, and reinforced door panels.
  3. Agriculture equipment: Agricultural machinery such as tractors, plows, and harvesters also require high-strength materials, and S500MC plates are a good option for these applications due to their high strength, good formability, and weldability.
  4. Energy sector: S500MC plates are used in the construction of equipment and structures in the energy sector, such as wind turbines and oil rigs.
  5. Aerospace and defense: S500MC plates are also used in the aerospace and defense industries for the manufacturing of components such as armour plates, missile and rocket parts, and structural components.
  6. Heavy machinery and equipment: S500MC plates are often used in the manufacturing of heavy machinery and equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, and cranes. The high strength and good formability of S500MC plates make them ideal for these applications, where durability and reliability are essential.
  7. Pressure vessels: S500MC plates are also used in the manufacturing of pressure vessels such as boilers, tanks, and pipelines.
  8. Mining industry: S500MC plates are widely used in the mining industry for the manufacturing of equipment such as conveyor belts, crushing machines, and rock drills. The high strength of S500MC plates makes them an excellent choice for these applications, where durability and toughness are crucial.
  9. Shipbuilding industry: S500MC plates are also used in the shipbuilding industry for the construction of hulls and other components. The high strength and good weldability of S500MC plates make them a reliable option for these applications, where safety and durability are paramount.
  10. Railway industry: S500MC plates are used in the manufacturing of railway components such as tracks, wagons, and carriages.
In conclusion, S500MC plates have numerous applications in various industries, ranging from structural and engineering applications to aerospace and defense. Their high strength, good formability, and weldability make them an ideal option for applications that require durability, toughness, and reliability.

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Champak Industries manufacturing and exporting high quality S500MC Plates worldwide.
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