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2024 Aluminium Plates

Alloy 2024 aluminum plates are possibly the best known and maximum extensively used airplane alloy. Because it famous high yield power and relatively properly fatigue resistance, it's miles without difficulty used on structures and components wherein correct electricity-to-weight ratio is desired. Because of its precise machinability and superior grain shape, alloy 2024 plate is critical for precision fittings and components. Even though this alloy does no longer have suitable corrosion resistance, welding through resistance technique is feasible.

Standard specifications are ASTM B209, AMS-QQ-A-250/4 and AMS4037.


• Fuselage structural
• Wing tension members
• Shear webs and ribs
• Precision fittings
• Truck wheels and parts for transportation

Champak Industries offers a wide range of stock sizes and processing capabilities. Our stock sizes are 48" and 60" x 144" in thicknesses of .250" - 4.00" though we can special order for your specific needs.

Technical Data Sheet

Silicon 0.5
Iron 0.5
Copper 3.8-4.9
Manganese 030.-0.9
Magnesium 1.2-1.8
Chromium 0.1
Zinc 0.25
Titanium 0.15
Others, each 0.05
Others, total 0.15
Balance, Aluminum  

Typical Mechanical Properties

Thickness Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
.250 - 4.00 64-57 42-41 12-4
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