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16MO3 Plates

16mo3 Plates Steel is a pressure vessel steel that is used in applications with elevated temperatures in step with EN 10028–2. It has improved mechanical properties and better creep resistance allowing it for use as much as 500°c. This makes it best for an extensive variety of makes use of in which the plates will need to carry out at an excessive temperature continuously.

16mo3 Steel Applications

Typical applications for 16mo3 include a wide variety of power plant device, business exhaust, venting and flare structures and waste recycling and incineration flora. It's also valuable for equipment where components are probably to stay warm for an extended period.

In energy plant life it's far frequently utilized in boilers, super heater tubes, collector and hot steam pipes, range tubes and conduits. 16mo3 is also used in diverse sorts of heat exchanger in both the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry

One example of ways 16mo3 plates is used is in the steel making manner itself. the blast furnace requires masses of hot air to transform the iron to steel and plenty of the output air is recovered and used to reheat the enter and reduce expenses. Historically the blast furnaces are product of general carbon pressure vessel steels; however 16mo3 offers a very good alternative as it is more immune to the large thermal stresses that it undergoes on an everyday foundation. The 16mo3 is also extra proof against the corrosion fashioned with the aid of nitrates as nitrogen oxide is eliminated from the steel mix. And this aggregate of residences can boom the lifestyles expectancy of essential plant equipment and decrease downtime.

For 16mo3 warmness resistance is supplied through the 0.32% molybdenum alloying detail.

16mo3 Equivalents

It is equal to 15mo3 (DIN 17155 – Germany), 15d3 (NFA 36–205 – France), bs1501–243b (BS 1501 – UK) and ASTM 204 Gr .B. for customers requiring these grades we can provide 16mo3 from stock.

16mo3 Plates to be had Ex-Inventory

We shares 16mo3 metal plates – ASTM 204 b – in lengths of 4000 mm, 6000 mm, 8000 mm and 12000 mm.

Widths are either 2000mm or 3000 mm and thicknesses are from five mm to 250mm.

Tensile Strength (MPa) 440 – 590
Yield Strength (MPa) 220 – 275
Elongation in 100 – 150mm (%) 19
Elongation in 16mm (%) 24
Max Thickness (mm) 250
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